Control the delay time of your Boss DD-5 or DD-7 delay pedals just like the Boss FS-5U pedal.  I currently use one with a Boss DD-7 set to the Analog mode and it is like having a vintage analog Boss DM-2 with tap-tempo control!

I hand build these pedals using high-quality components and they operate in exactly the same way as the Boss FS-5U, but they are approximately a quarter of the size and considerably cheaper!

If you are based in the UK you can purchase a Tap Tempo Pedal by simply clicking on the Paypal link below.

Only 24.95 (inc. delivery to UK)
Please contact me for shipping costs outside of UK

The footswitch is built into a very small heavy duty die-cast aluminium enclosure so it takes up very little space on your pedalboard.  It is the ideal companion for Boss DD-7 and DD-5 pedals, but it can also be used for any device requiring a non-latching momentary footswitch.

If you would like a pedal with the output jack on either side of the case, instead of the back, then contact me and I can custom build one for you - there is no extra charge for this service.

Tap-Tempo Footswitch details:
     ~ Footswitch dimensions: 58mm x 27mm x 38mm (DxWxH)
     ~ The footswitch features a single switch to set the tempo
     ~ The footswitch provides a mono 1/4" jack socket to connect to the delay pedal
     ~ The footswitch is totally passive and requires no battery or power supply